Who We are:

We are House of YisraEL of Philadelphia Started in 2022, Our Moreh Is Moreh IshYAH M. YisraEL We are a part of the family of Congregations/Sanctuaries belonging to the World Ingathering of the Children of YisraEL and The Restoration of the Sacred Laws of the Most High Conference. Our Organization is founded by the Late Moreh Elesha YisraEL from the House of YisraEL of Cincinnati Hebrew Bible Class. Our Mission is to Magnify the Law and Make it Honorable and Magnify YAH and Exalt his name Together ! We are servants of YAHWEH the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac, and YisraEL

Our Ministries & Programs 

All Our Ministries are purposed to Magnify YAH Law and Make it Honorable